Class 4 Mathematics Practice Workbook CBSE/ ICSE With Answers

Class 4 Mathematics Practice Workbook CBSE/ ICSE With Answers

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  • Age Group 8 - 10 Years
  • Language English
  • Number Of Pages 120

Product Description

This maths book for grade 4 helps your kids practice each and every topics as covered in cbse/icse syllabus, making for them easy and interesting. Practice on all the CBSE/ICSE chapterwise and mixed questions papers on math workbooks by Mathsninjas Bookland. Practice on all the chapterwise and mixed questions papers given in the book as per cbse/icse. Practice completing EXAM ON TIME. Get more practice on mixed word problems. Dont let your child forget Multiplication tables. As suggested by our mathematics experts, the features of the books are 
1. The book focus on concept building and learning through practice by question papers given for each chapter as well as mixed chapters. 
2. Dodging of tables and Mental math are part of maximum worksheets. 
3. All concepts of addition and subtraction are given. All kinds of word problems are covered in the book. 
4. Every type of questions are covered to understand all the concepts of multiplication and division. 
5. All the concepts of Factors and multiples, fraction, decimals and measurement are introduced extensively and are also given in form of question papers.
6. Concepts of geometry, time and money goes so smooth such that the child inculcates all the concepts with ease.
7. All concepts of length, weight and capacity are covered in length with real life word problems. 
8. Along with all these topics, other topics like calendar, data handling etc gives the child enough competitive edge over others.
PUBLISHERMathsninjas Bookland; 9910068834
WORKBOOK120 pages
READING AGE8 - 9 years
DIMENSIONS21 x 1 x 28 cm
PACKERMathsninjas Bookland
GENERIC NAMEMath Book for Class 4

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