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Kindergarten/Ukg maths concept book-0 of Number Sense

₹230.00 ₹250.00
Use this illustrative UKG/Senior kg/ kindergarten /Grade 1 math concepts and mental math activity workbook (with interesting pictures), this summer vacation to help your child master important topics ..

Lkg Maths Number Sense, Reasoning & Mental Math Activity Workbook

This colorful lkg/Nursery CBSE/ICSE activity practice maths workbook by Mathsninjas Bookland, focuses on building mental math of your kid through teaching initial concepts (with instructions for each ..

My Kindergarten Phonics Activity Book with short Stories

₹225.00 ₹260.00
Does your child getting confused using the sounds of short vowels sounds /e/ , /u/ and /i/ while reading? Looking for colorful phonics exercises to build your child's vocabulary in play way method?The..

Preschool Print Handwriting Book for 3-5 years kids

Mathsninjas Bookland brings to you english handwriting and tracing book for initial years, nursery and lkg kids. This trace writing book contains 1) Lowercase/ small letter print handwriting (a to z) ..

UKG Grade 1 Mental Math Activity book of Concept Ones, tens and hundreds

₹240.00 ₹260.00
Practice concept of number and mental math to UKG Senior kg Grade 1 kindergarten kids this summer vacation through this illustrative activity book with instructions. Master many important and interest..
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