My Kindergarten Phonics Activity Book with short Stories

My Kindergarten Phonics Activity Book with short Stories

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Item specifics

  • Age Group 4 - 6 years
  • Language English
  • Number Of Pages 88

Product Description

Does your child getting confused using the sounds of short vowels sounds /e/ , /u/ and /i/ while reading? Looking for colorful phonics exercises to build your child's vocabulary in play way method?

  • They will read short stories, do fun exercises, interesting activities and word games. It starts with 3 letter word families, vowels, consonants, short vowel sounds, and followed by 4- letter words, long vowel sounds, sight words, blending and segmenting, CVCC, Digraph, Consonant blends etc.
  • Phonics handwriting is the another book where kids can learn practice cursive handwriting which is taught in main Phonics book.
  • The child will start to learn sight words and three letters words followed by other sounds words step by step. It makes learning easy and interesting.
  • Your child will read short stories, short phrases, one liners, all with pictures so that the child uses and develops maximum sensory organs.
  • This book will not only develop their reading skills but also help them inculcate good reading habits. They will also improve their analytical and problem solving skills through various games and activities. 

Product Details

Publisher Mathsninjas Bookland (1 January 2021)
Language English
Paperback 88 pages
Reading Age 4 - 6 years
Item Weight 240 g
Dimensions 29 x 20 x 0.5 cm
Country of Origin India
Generic Name Phonics rules book for children

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