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The book is really good for 1std kids.. would have been even better if it was in colour.. . But the content of the book is extremely good .. each page has many math problems to solve... Love love love the book.... Pls make colour print next time.. it will be a sell out...
Rudaina shaikh
Many concepts covered. Good exercises for kids.. age appropriate concept,, colourful nd expressive illustration... I nd my kid loved dis book...
I found this activity mania really very interesting for my child .She was ecstatically doing each and every activity and it was a pleasure to see her learn and grow.
Ajay m.
My daughter really picked up very . Though I had to make her write on 4 line copy as well after practicing on this book. I liked it's techniques.Highly recommend this cursive book.
Shruti Jindal
This is the best book for ICSE grade 5. All topics are covered thoroughly. The format of worksheets is excellent. Only downside is there is not enough space for solving the maths problems. But it can be ignored as the content is excellent.
As I belong to the creative field, I personally feel this book is an amazing way to enhance your kid’s creativity in terms of designs, colour knowledge and sketching. I would highly recommend this particular book for its wide range of Mandala options and designs.
Mayank Mittal
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